For the first trip of the semester, the program headed to Verona, which was about two hours driving.  The drive there was very gorgeous – mist was hovering over the fields and blended into the pale lines of dawn before disappearing into the clouds.  It was made perfect by the cool, crisp air (which is great anywhere you go).

But yes, this is Verona.  There are two walls around the city, one is Roman and one is medieval, and a river, il fiume Adige, that curves through, cutting the city in two.  As the one is Austria, it was crystal clear, waiting for the spring snow melt to come.  It would be very fun to go kayaking on it – in fact, I was talking with my friend, and we both would like to go kayaking somewhere in Italia, maybe on il fiume Po since that is close by.  (taken 24.1.2015)