We stayed in Perugia, a nearby city.  Apparently Perugia is one of the underrated cities to visit in Italia/one of the hidden gems.  Well, I’m sure it would have been if it was sunny.  Without the sun or the view, for the most part, Perugia looks very much like a downtrodden and formidable city [don’t freak out Mom!] – apparently it’s one of the drug cities in Italia, which we didn’t know until we got there.  But we were all safe.  Anyways, on Sunday, we headed into the historic center.  Now, Italia has this thing where they have escalators for some cities that are on top of a hill.  We took an escalator in Perugia that opened out into old Etruschian ruins – it was pretty cool.  We explored the ruins for a little bit before heading out into the center.  Oh, they also had an art exhibit going on in the ruins and some of the paintings/artists were very abstract.  (taken 22.2.2015)