On our way down from the Akropolis and towards lunch, we passed by il duomo di Agrigento.  And what a sight it is.  Let’s just say it was obviously not built by Greeks because it’s leaning towards the edge of a cliff.  That’s right.  It was built on very unstable ground and is slanting ever so slowly towards the edge – one day it will slide down.  It is closed.  What’s sad, however, is that there is no money to fix the problem – since, as I mentioned, it is a very impoverished area.  This is were the shoes come in.  The steps of the duomo have literally become an art exhibit.  You can buy a plaster shoe, color it, and place it on the steps of the duomo – the money goes towards fixing it.  One of the coolest art projects ever in my opinion – very pretty and with an objective.  (taken 26.2.2015)