Monte Etna – what a beautiful volcano she is.  Yes, she.  Etna is an active volcano – it has been active for who-knows-how-long but it has never killed anyone, so our tour guide told us.  People ski on her slopes all the time and live off of her bountiful lands.  She is truly a sight to see.  When we were there, she was steaming a little at the top.  Three fun facts: 1) Cyclopes, from Greek mythology, is thought to live underneath Etna, 2) Sicilian dialect has no future tense, only past and present, because of the volcano and earthquakes, the future was never sure, and 3) when we went to Taormina, we geographically entered Africa!  So I was on two continents in one day!  How cool is that!?  [You could definitely tell – less lemon trees.]  And I may or may not have taken a few pieces of lava from the archeological sight.  (taken 27.2.2015)