After il Tempio di Zeus, we headed into the old town of Agrigento, making our way towards the Akropolis – the highest tempio.  Agrigento is beautiful but is, what seems to be, a common case of small Sicilia – very run-down and filled with poverty.  Very few people have work there, and many move away.  You could tell the poverty just by looking at the town – so many places were closed up, and, I think it was here, remains of the bombing from WWII can still be seen in destroyed buildings (it was one of the towns we went to).  But it was beautiful, and the people were so kind.  They gave my friends free oranges, and one lady, standing outside her home, saw us and asked if we all had plans for lunch – if not, we could come to her house.  There is a hospitality and openness present in small-village Southern Italia that is just not present in the towns/cities or in the North.  And I know I said I probably would never live in Italia, or, if I did, I would live in the country or Arcevia, but, in all honesty, I would probably choose Sicilia.  It is beyond beautiful there and the people are absolutely wonderful.  I only wish we would have had more time.  [Before I forget, the last picture is of the old British Consulate that used to be there.]  (taken 26.2.2015)