On our second day, we headed to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, la Valle dei Templi in Agrigento which contains 11-14 temples, though there are thought to have been 21 originally.  These Greek temples were built using the golden number, 1.618, which the Greeks saw as the divine order of the universe since it is a number that makes everything appear harmonious to the eyes and is frequently found in nature.  Another interesting fact about the Greeks: Greeks did not create the column – Egyptians did.  However, Greeks did create the three different types: Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric.  Also, the root word of style is stilos in Greek, which means column.  Fun facts of the Greeks!  [On a side note, in WWII these temples were not bombed, very considerate of the Allies.]

This temple here was the first one we visited, Tempio di Hera, goddess of weddings.  We stood upon its sacrificial altar, looking out over towards the Mediterranean Sea and the hills.  (taken 26.2.2015)