This is a statue of the man named Pesce-cola or Fish Nicholas.  He was a Sicilian man loved swimming and continually sunk under water.  According to legend, Sicilia was help up from a pit of fire by three columns: one was strong and sturdy, one that was semi-broken, and one was completely destroyed.  An emperor, Ferdinando il secondo (I think), wanted to see if there actually was a fire underneath Sicilia, so he told Pesce-cola to take a twig and, when diving underneath, to let the fire burn it, then come out with the remains.  Pesce-cola sunk beneath the water and began to burn the wood.  However, the last stable column broke while he was under Sicilia, and, it is said, he loved Sicilia so much, that he took her upon his shoulders and remains there today as the only ‘column’ holding her up.  When the earth quakes, it is said that he has grown weary of his burden.  (taken 27.2.2015)