We also visited il duomo which was such a cool historical place.  It began as a tempio to Athena for the Greeks, then became a tempio to Minerva for the Romans, then it changed to a Byzantine Orthodox Church, then it went to being a mosque, and then it finally decided its mind and became a Latin Church with the Normands.  So inside, and on the outside, you can see 9 of the 14 original columns (which have been slightly shifted due to earthquakes), original floors, and all of the additions of the other cultures.  What’s interesting – well, there’s two things – is that when it was formed into an Orthodox Church, so as not to represent paganism/polytheism anymore, everything was switched – what was open, was then closed, and vice versa, the entrance was switched to the other side, and the altar was placed inside.  The second interesting fact is that this is possibly the first church every dedicated to Gesù – which is part of the inscription that I took a picture of.  It was on the route of the first Christians going to Roma, so was perhaps dedicated even before St. Peter’s was dedicated in il Vaticano.  (taken 28.2.2015)