On my break, I didn’t just stay in Trieste.  In fact, the first day I headed over the border to Slovenia to another port-city, Koper.  I took an autobus which was only a 45 minute ride from Trieste – it only cost my 3,50 Euros to get to another country!  Pretty impressive I think.  There wasn’t any border control between Slovenia and Italia because they are both part of the EU, which was rather nice.

Koper actually is not that big – there is a small historical city, smaller than Ferrara, on the seaside (seen in the first photo), and then outskirt aziende and houses.  In fact, I had about two hours where I didn’t really know what to do with (because of the bus times and when it came) so I went into a few of the department stores and looked around – nothing fit :(.  But I loved seeing the sea.  There were lines of boats and when the wind blew – which it did the entire day – the boats would clink against each other and make a nice little melodic tune.  I tried to take a little sound recording of it but the wind was too loud.  And I bought some Slovenian apples and my groceries in Slovenia and brought them back to Trieste – funny, being able to buy groceries in one country and porting them to another the same day.  In fact, while I was waiting for the return bus, an Italian man had done just that, for many things because the Despar in Koper had a sale that the one in Trieste didn’t have.  (taken 2.4.2015)