Righty ho – so spring break was a couple weeks ago (for us it was during Easter – I had about a week.five off).  So I decided to head up to Trieste, which is a large port city in the most eastern part of Italia (in the little part of Italia that curves over next towards Slovenia and Croazia) – please note, that is famous for being an inspiration to the writer James Joyce.

Anyways, the train ride was actually kind of long – about 4 hours to get all the way up there.  The kicker – I took the wrong train.  How could you take the wrong train after you’ve been in Italia for so many months, is probably what you’re asking right now.  Well, there’s not really a good story there.  I bought the train tickets (plural because I had to switch at Venezia Mestre) a few days before but they didn’t have the times of the trains on them, and I didn’t write the times down.  I got into Venezia Mestre on time, and, what-do-ya-know! there’s a train for Trieste leaving in the next 10 minutes.  I kind-of thought this wasn’t the train I bought but I got on anyways.  It was a longer train than the one I bought, I think.  But I found out that it was the wrong train when the ticket man came to punch the tickets (I was almost to Trieste by that point).  Whew – thank goodness Italians aren’t really strict on the rules.  He said that next time I could have to pay the difference between the train I bought and the train I was on.  So, tip – always write down the train time unless it’s not really necessary, such as tickets for Regional trains.  And that was my non-interesting/good story about getting to Trieste.

The view was beautiful though.  There were mountains and fields on one side and, as I got closer to Trieste, the sea on the opposite side.  (taken 1.4.2015)