One of the last monuments I went to on Easter Saturday was il Faro della Vittoria or Victory Lighthouse.  Let me tell you, it was a struggle to reach.  It was out of the city, so I had to take a bus.  I had no idea what stop it was going to be so I got off at one and then had to walk about 15 minutes up the road, in the rain.  It wasn’t too bad but it was cold.  But then I found it!  And I thought it was closed but it wasn’t!  So I headed up a little path towards it!  But I didn’t go up because the sea was all foggy, and there was a line – I was okay with both of those facts.  I just wanted to see the lighthouse.

Facts about this monument.  It was originally built on an Austrian base (that was there at the time), and today, owned by the Ministry of Defense of Italia, is one of the only military sites open to visitors (which is pretty cool).  It is dedicated to the sailors who died during WWI.  (taken 4.4.2015)