Just a few of the sites around the center of Rijeka: City Tower, archeological site, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Leaning Tower, and some buildings (with a leg of the bay).  The style was very baroque there, which I enjoyed.

I also went to the market which was huge!  There was a building for meat, a building for cheese, and one for fish – the fish looked so good.  In between the buildings were the fruit and vegetable stands.  And it was packed.  It was extremely difficult to move around in the tiny little spaces between booths.  I got some free strawberries from a lovely Croatian woman.  I had absolutely no idea what she was saying to me at first – I was going to pay (because I don’t understand Croatian, and she didn’t speak Italian or English) when she pretty much ran me off with the strawberries.  Literally, she was waving her arms at me and talking really loud.  It was strange – I’ve never been given something for free and then chased off.  Well, new experiences.

For lunch, I went to a seafood restaurant (yay!)  There wasn’t a free table so I ended up eating at a table with two older Italian men on vacation – one of which is from a small paesino near Ferrara.  He was very nice and ended up buying my lunch for me!  It was very surprising!  But the food was extremely yummy – I had l’insalata di polpi – octopus salad.  I would get it again.

One last note is about money.  Croazia doesn’t use the euro – they use kunas, which is rather troublesome because I had to exchange money, and it was about 7.5 kunas to 1 euro.  I had to estimate on the amount to take out, and at the end of the day, I had about 100 kunas left.  I bought cookies and chocolate!  (taken 3.4.2015)