The weekend before finals I headed into il centro one night with mio ragazzo to see gli sbandieratori, or the flag-throwers for il Palio.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them.  However, there was a crowd around il duomo so we headed over there to see what was happening.  Outside, there were several guardie (guards) along the entrance, and, heading inside, a mass was being conducted with all of the people involved with il Paliogli sbandieratori, la corte – everyone was there and most were in costumes.  It was pretty cool!  (taken 2.5.2015)



For those who don’t know – I just got back to the States.  However, I have a few pictures of my last few days in Italia that I have yet to post.  So here’s the first one: a picture of the night sky looking away from Ferrara.  This was taken on top of a building that has a pretty awesome view of both la città and the outskirts (which is what we see in this picture).  (taken 2.5.2015)


I also headed to Venezia one last time with mio ragazzo.  It was a little dreary but I didn’t get lost for the first time!  Maybe the fourth time is the charm for Venezia.  (taken 26.4.2015)






The past weekend there was an international kite festival out in Parco Urbano so I went with a few friends.  The kites were pretty wicked – all these geometric designs and such.  I have absolutely no idea how people are able to actually get those up into the air (we, unfortunately, did not see anyone flying the giant ones – there wasn’t enough wind).  (taken 25.4.2015)





So every year at the end of May, Ferrara holds a Palio, which is basically a horse race around a circle (the most famous is in Siena).  It is something that comes from the ancient ages and, in Ferrara, also includes people role-playing the royal court and the various families.  There was a parade of the costumes for the families the other week, and a little “show” that was held as well.  I got to see several medieval dances, an actual sword fight! (of course it was choreographed but it was with real, knight swords – it was so cool!), and the sbandieratori (flag throwers) also performed.  It was extremely exciting.  My host sister is involved with the court – she is in the last picture (in the rich blue dress).  (taken 19.4.2015)


So I saw these and started to take a picture of them.  It was a little awkward because the owner was out in his driveway and saw me taking a picture of them.  He waved or smiled at us, which was nice, but I’m sure he thought that I was crazy.  (taken 17.4.2015)


Just look at that stylish little guy getting ready to eat some delicious grass!  He lives in my backyard along with two other little guys.  Awww . . . he’s so adorable!  (taken 14.4.2015)