And my last picture on this blog from my second semester in Italia, is this monument.  This monument . . . well, I have absolutely no idea what it’s for.  I like to think that Mussolini commissioned it because 1) the figure looks like an African figure, 2) there is a date (I cannot remember what) that is around the years Mussolini invaded Africa, and 3) it just makes sense, therefore, that this is a monument of Mussolini’s aspire to conquest part of Africa.  But this monument was close to my house second semester, and I passed by it almost everyday.  I’ll miss it for sure.  Just as I’ll miss Italia and all of it’s history and wonders.  One day I’ll be back though.  (taken 8.5.2015)



I bought some flowers for my host mom on the last day in Ferrara.  She really enjoyed them!  I really loved staying with her family – they were so kind to me!  (taken 8.5.2015)


I honestly don’t remember if I ever posted a picture of the ferrarese bread on my blogs.  So here it is: la coppia, or, as my dad calls it, desert bread because it’s really dry (obviously, he doesn’t like it at all).  I like it – even thought it’s dry there’s something special about it because no other city serves it.  But it’s meant to represent a couple sta facendo l’amore, and it’s served at weddings.  (taken 7.5.2015)


Just un’ape sitting on un fiore in my last wanders around Ferrara.  Eventually he got fed up with me being so close to him so he flew off.  (taken 7.5.2015)


Well, il recinto, the fence, started to be put up around Piazza Ariostea, where il Palio is held at the end of May.  I really wish I could have stayed to watch it but alas, I had to go home.  (taken 7.5.2015)


Each night around 21:00 gli sbandieratori would preform for the city/practice in a piazza near il duomo.  It was very cool to watch – the piazza is closed so the drums and trumpets are amplified so much.  Each group has a different routine and tune that they play.  (taken 6.5.2015)


Right – I honestly have no idea what these ombrelli are for.  The city just started hanging them up one day along a street.  I asked several people but they had no idea what it was for either – maybe an art exhibit?  Anyways, it’s still rather nice to look at.  (taken 3.5.2015)